Subaru cars and SUVs are highly sought after for lots of reasons. They're routinely rated as one of the safest and most reliable manufacturers in the market today, their vehicles are versatile and capable, and they know how to take care of their customers. Part of that commitment to their customers is making sure their entire family feels safe and comfortable in a Subaru -- and we mean the whole family. Dog owners have routinely chosen Subaru as their vehicle of choice, but why is that? Here are 5 reasons why Subaru is the best choice for dog owners.

People hiking with their dog.

5. Variety of Vehicles

Subaru offers many choices for motorists. Whether you need the full-size SUV, three-row Ascent or the compact, simple Impreza, Subaru has a choice for you. That means that the variety of body styles also  accommodate all types of dogs and dog sizes. The flat and open cargo area of the Outback or Forester is great for mid-size and large dogs, while the Legacy is completely compatible for small lap-style dogs. Whatever you need, there's a Subaru vehicle that meets your needs.

4. Safety

If Subaru is known for anything, it's just how exceptionally safe their vehicles are. In fact, Subaru has won more 2021 IIHS Top Safety Pick+ awards than Toyota, Hyundai, and Ford. Their collection of world-class engineering and state of the art driver assistance technology makes even the most suspicious passengers feel at ease. That safety translates to all passengers, thanks to the Subaru EyeSight driver assist technology that's standard on most new Subaru models.

3. "Subaru Loves Pets"

Part of the overall goal of Subaru is to be considered more than just a car company. They work to reach that goal through their Subaru Love Promise, which outlines their commitment to several things you may not expect from a car manufacturer. Among those things are healthcare, education, and of course, pets. The "Subaru Loves Pets" initiative is where Subaru demonstrates how much those furry members of our families mean to them. Subaru actively participates in National Make A Dog's Day and helps hard-to-adopt shelter dogs find their loving homes. Subaru has also had a number of partnerships with animal advocacy groups like ASPCA and the Center for Pet Safety.

Happy dog with head in the wind while driving.

2. History of Helping Dogs

The Center for Pet Safety is a non-profit research and advocacy group dedicated to companion animal and consumer safety. They've done excellent work in all areas of pet safety, and Subaru has sponsored two different studies from them that crash-tested commonly used pet-safety products. Also, Subaru is proud to be the biggest corporate sponsor of the ASPCA and has assisted in the rescue, transport, and adoption of over 74,000 animals nationwide.

1. Subaru Dog Accessories

Finally, part of the reason why people are so quick to choose Subaru for their canine's needs is simply because they have such a wealth of products and accessories for their dogs. Visit our online Subaru pet-accessory store and find everything you need to ensure your pet rides safely and comfortably in your vehicle.